Hedge Funds

Optimize your operations spend to generate more alpha

Procurement for Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund’s objective is to generate alpha. Keep your operating team lean, rely on a fewer operations and financial professionals to address non-core supplier and vendors.

Concertiv takes on the day-to-day vendor and supplier management that hedge fund executives don't have time to handle. We remove the impediments to procuring and managing the best services you need for your team. You focus on alpha, while Concertiv delivers better margins on your spend.

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Strategic advice

Work with a dedicated team that's used to you, your personality, and the demands of your firm. With relationships built on trust and respect, hedge fund executives lean on their Concertiv analyst for honest and reliable advice. We are your unbiased advocate, we execute, and we win when you win.

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Category Excellence


Enjoy best-in-class discounts on last-minute, first-class flights, 5-star hotels, and top black car brands while maintaining loyalty perks.

Market Data

Get best-in-class information subscriptions for the lowest prices every year. Each client gets a dedicated specialist for their portfolio.


Reduce operating expense and mitigate risk across your technology products and services. We also provide advisory and business services tailored to your firm’s requirements.


Optimize spend on Benefits and Insurance throughselect program offerings efficiently tailored to the unique objectives andrisks of each client.

Hedge Funds are a great fit for all supplier and vendor categories and savings programs. To learn which are best for your unique fund, schedule a time here.

Onboarding is easy

Hedge Fund operations and finance teams are all very busy. Our onboarding process minimizes strain on internal resources. We'll do the heavy lifting.

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1: Housekeeping

We gather your contract documents, invoices, and procurement data in any format. Then, we work with your suppliers, vendors, and internal teams to get contracts in order.

2: Abstraction & Scoring

We abstract and score commercial and legal terms.

3: Contracting

We manage the negotiation process with suppliers, allowing your teams to choose to attend meetings or focus on other matters.

4: Advisory

We proactively advise on upcoming renewals, product fit, industry best practices and negotiating approach.

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