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What We Do
Concertiv is a decision-support platform that provides data analytics, group purchasing, and managed services to professional services firms and their key suppliers. Our deep domain experience, highly analytical approach, and unmatched negotiating leverage deliver economies of scale within a lean and powerful infrastructure.
Data Analytics
Market opacity is a challenge for our customers. Our experts discover and distill information to give actionable insights about market trends and best practices.
Group Purchasing
Our network is our power. We design group programs in corporate travel, market data and information services, insurance, and information technology.
Managed Services
We serve as a shared, outsourced COO & CFO office for our customers. We support the C-suite by providing expertise and operating lift for complex decisions.
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Gain confidence through a network of aligned firms with aligned goals
Our platform supports executives in making key operating decisions; we provide immediate savings and valuable insights that guide in vendor selection and peer group and supplier practices. We also provide favorable terms and incentives at the group level.
Get stuff done with a trusted operating partner
We are a team of industry veterans with demonstrable track records in our areas of expertise. We work with thousands of vendors and are trusted extensions of customer teams. Executives feel confident in our work to ensure dollars are spent wisely.
Trusted by over 50 elite firms
Is Concertiv a good fit for your firm?
We are confident in our ability to deliver results as your trusted operating partner. There are over 50 firms who partner with us today. We hope you decide to join our network.
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