Concertiv Unveils Concertiv360: A Streamlined Procurement Platform for Financial Service Firms

April 11, 2024

Complete Your Procurement Process with Holistic Access and Control Over Contracts, Licenses, Invoices, and Vendor Management

Concertiv, a leading provider of Procurement-as-a-Service solutions, proudly introduces Concertiv360, an innovative procurement platform tailored for financial service firms. Emphasizing ease of use, Concertiv360 offers a centralized system for managing the procurement cycle, simplifying how firms oversee overall spend and usage across key areas such as travel, market data, technology, insurance, and more. This solution enables robust portfolio management, empowering firms to achieve greater efficiency and control.

Centralized Control, Simplified Management

Concertiv360 centralizes all essential information into a single, intuitive platform, providing a 360-degree view of contract statuses, documents, invoices, licenses, entitlements, and vendor diligence, all in one place. Designed to enhance the user experience, the platform streamlines workflow, ensuring that relevant information is available on-demand and offers critical insights along the procurement lifecycle. The platform empowers users to manage and analyze procurement details and data seamlessly. From tracking upcoming contract renewals, invoices, and employee licenses to providing real-time spend analytics, Concertiv360 ensures that every aspect of procurement management is at your fingertips.

A Modular Approach, Right-Sized for Your Business

Concertiv360's modular approach provides flexibility and depth, enabling firms to tailor the platform to their current and future needs. This adaptability ensures users maximize the platform's capabilities based on their needs. The key modules available include:

  • Contract Management: Centralize all contracts into one accessible location, offering an intuitive tool to manage contract details, documents, communication, approvals, and upcoming renewals, ensuring firms have a single source of truth for all agreements.
  • Vendor Management: Streamline the organization and collection of crucial vendor details, including company background, products, contact information, contract terms, and vendor classification. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of your vendor and product landscape, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic vendor relationships.
  • License and Entitlement Management: Manage licensing and entitlement restrictions and simplify the processes of onboarding, offboarding, and transferring employee access while maintaining a unified view of access rights to ensure full compliance with entitlement restrictions.
  • User Feedback Management: Utilize the bespoke survey tool to gather valuable feedback directly from end-users on products and vendors. This module enables a quick and effective collection of usage and satisfaction insights, helping inform product strategy and vendor relations.
  • Invoice Management: Track vendor invoices, reconcile against contract terms, flag duplicates and unaccepted invoice line items, provide AP approval, and tag for allocation needs.
  • Compliance Management: Automate the tracking and distribution of vendor due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) to clients to simplify the complex process of vendor due diligence. Support the management of annual updates and evaluation scores, ensuring firms remain compliant and informed about their vendors' status.
Advanced Features for Complex Portfolios

Concertiv360 equips users with automated workflow capabilities, significantly enhancing operational efficiency by reducing manual effort and increasing transparency. This automation ensures a streamlined workflow, allowing access to crucial data and insights while ensuring each stage of the procurement process is efficiently managed and approved. Furthermore, the platform's advanced analytics and reporting tools provide comprehensive visibility into procurement activities. This empowers firms to closely monitor their vendor portfolio, make well-informed decisions regarding contracts and vendors, and optimize spend efficiency with precision.

"Concertiv360, our purpose-built software platform for delivering procurement-as-a-service, embodies years of dedicated collaboration across our valued clients, trusted supplier partners, and our team of Concertiv experts. As our clients began utilizing our next-gen platform, the exceptional user experience, the broad applicability across all types of agreements, and the need for our clients to have a unified contract repository drove demand for self-service access. We're proud to offer Concertiv360 as a SaaS solution for contract and vendor management, seamlessly integrating into Concertiv's procurement-as-a-service. Clients can now license the platform to fully self-manage or work in a hybrid model to collaboratively manage the portfolio with Concertiv."
Priya Iyer, CEO of Concertiv
About Concertiv

Concertiv is the leading provider of Procurement-as-a-Service for mid-market financial services firms. Concertiv leverages its industry expertise, vendor network, and proprietary Concertiv360 procurement platform to transform procurement management from a cost function to a value creation center. Concertiv enables its clients to reduce spend, minimize risk, and save time across key spend categories, including travel, market data, technology, and insurance.

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