Expert Series Webinar: The Best Kept Secrets to Business Travel for 2024

January 25, 2024

Insights and Strategies to Reduce Spend and Improve the Traveler’s Experience

Global travel costs escalated dramatically in 2023, with airfares rising 72.2% and hotel rates increasing 29.8%. With the anticipation of further rising costs in 2024, the question arises: are you equipped to handle this escalation? And how do you manage travelers who don’t want to change their behavior?

In this webinar, we reveal the best strategies for mid-market companies to effectively manage and optimize their business travel expenses in 2024.

Key topics include:‍

  • Analyzing the Driving Factors: Understand the rising costs of business travel.
  • Savings vs. Cost Avoidance: Best practices for minimizing travel expenses and fees.
  • Leveraging Client Value in Negotiations: Maximize the strategic advantage of your travelers.
  • Unlocking Business Travel's Best Kept Secret: A game-changing strategy for your business.

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