Market Data Case Study: Hedge Fund

Concertiv drove $215k/year of savings and created operational efficiencies by executing a wholesale review of a hedge fund’s data feed portfolio and workstation deployment

Our dedicated team took on tasks previously managed by the CFO, who was operating with a lean operation and so they didn't have the time to focus on this properly.

Our immediate plan of attack

Reconciled all invoices, provided product descriptions, tracked down paperwork, and identified active users for:

  • London Stock Exchange – identified product scope, term dates, and recommended budget
  • NASDAQ – provided product description to reconcile invoices and identified end users to confirm ongoing need
  • NYSE – reconciled invoices to ensure that FactSet was not double charging for data feed access
  • TMX Datalinx – provided detailed feed descriptions for Canadian exchange products
  • Options Price Reporting Authority – tracked down subscription details and confirmed firm does not double pay
  • Spryware – collected contract information and product description for exchange feed normalizing software
  • Confirmed with all Exchanges that Firm was not being double-billed by the exchanges and Bloomberg & FactSet


  • No major disruptions in workflow for the investment team
  • Total savings of $215,000/year
  • 23 hours saved for the CFO

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