Market Data Case Study: Mid-sized Private Equity Firm

This case is an interesting example of where a 30 - 40 person Private Equity Firm just wasn't aware that there was so much low hanging fruit with just a sampling of their market data vendors.

All in, Concertiv helped reduce market data spend by $33k year-over-year vs the proposed 12% increase proposed by the vendor. The firm worked with many of these vendors for 5+ year's. As a result, the firm was out $150k, just because they didn't regularly negotiate and track this spend as well.

Renewal Process Support Accomplishments:

. Thomson Reuters – provided context on which legacy Thomson products will be subject to a 3.5% price increase, i.e., Financial & Risk products rebranded to

. Refinitiv; confirmed that Practical Law and WeComply subscriptions were not impacted

. Expert Network (UK) – reviewed transaction-based model, and provided thoughts on counter

. S&P – provided context into S&P's recent market strategy, i.e., product bundling and licensing structure

. Intralinks – provided perspectives on pricing for various Intralinks orders and offered tested negotiation strategies

. Gartner – provided thoughts on pricing and negotiation tactics, and added renewal contract to Concertiv Analytics for future tracking

. 13D – during onboarding process, flagged there was no agreement tied to invoice; provided contract to potentially execute

. Financial News – reviewed T&C's to prove subscription should not have auto-renewed in 2016; resulted in savings/free access for 1-year (£3,741 value)

. Real Estate News – flagged monthly auto-renewing subscription for the real estate team

. Energy Data Providers – provided thoughts on next steps and negotiation tactics given potential add for significant content and spend

. NY Times – confirmed status of NY Times online renewal after end user re-requested access; directed team to heavily discounted online pricing

. Expert Network – flagged that client’s name is included on the vendor's website

Procurement Advisory:

. WSJ – scoped and negotiated pricing for a potential corporate rate vs. individual WSJ subscriptions; benefits were not large and Firm passed

. Open Minds – provided overview of product and service offerings with cost estimations to help assess potential new healthcare product

. ISS – scoped out pricing for Special Situations subscription to gain access to proxy research and analysts; added to contracts database for future tracking

Dealogic – provided estimated cost for potential Dealogic subscription based on market

Time Saved for the CFO, COO, FP&A, and Research Teams:

  • 32 hours over 3 months

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