Why Concertiv

We simplify the key decisions that businesses have to make

Our story

We equip firms to save money and make better decisions

Concertiv was formed at the request of six flagship customers following a meeting of senior executives from some of the world’s preeminent investment banks.

They understood the need for a novel approach to address opaque and complex operating decisions at the C-suite. In response to this demand, Concertiv built a decision-support platform that provides data analytics, group purchasing, and managed services to a group of aligned professional services firms and their key suppliers.

We combine our powerful network, expertise, information, and technology with our unique market position to achieve results for our customers that none could achieve on a stand-alone basis. This is the foundation for Concertiv’s early success since launch.

Our foundation is built on our values

The Concertiv Set of Values


We are subject-matter experts who have a thorough and nuanced understanding of our customers, their markets, and their work. We are critical thinkers, we are curious, and we are constantly learning.


We stay true to our vision and are constantly pursuing new ideas and methods. We are developing technology, improving data structures, and crafting novel partnerships – we strive always to be at the forefront of innovation.


We are proactive professionals who sweat the small stuff and take pride in our execution capabilities. Our customers expect nothing less; they can rely on Concertiv because we always strive to deliver perfection.


We recognize that working in a collaborative and friendly environment is the best way to facilitate work, priorities, and ideas. Opportunities to excel become more apparent when we are open and transparent.

Hard Work

Our team is encouraged to go above and beyond, and we recognize the efforts and achievements of our colleagues. We are problem solvers who demonstrate diligence and discipline in our pursuit of solutions for customers and suppliers.


We simplify and make transparent complex topics for decision-makers. We are efficient, no-nonsense, and keen on developing elegant workflows and solutions.


Our network is our power. We are honest and act with integrity in all situations. We hold ourselves to high standards of behavior and communications for every relationship within that network.