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Procurement-as-a-Service for mid-market financial services

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Come for the Savings, Stay for the Operational Efficiencies

Unlocking efficiencies and optimizing spend has become a key priority for financial services firms amidst escalating capital costs. Vendor and spend management are at the forefront of these initiatives. Clients often engage Concertiv with cost-focused agendas where we can deliver 20%+ savings in key spend categories that represent a material, bottom-line impact.

However, clients stay with Concertiv for more than just cost savings – we deliver operational efficiencies, market intelligence, peer benchmarking, and expert vendor portfolio insights that ultimately result in better products, prices, processes, and decisions for the client.

Why leading firms partner with Concertiv

  • Pre-negotiated volume discounts and preferred terms
  • Expert contract analysis and price negotiation
  • Peer benchmarking and vendor landscapes
  • Portfolio analysis and product recommendations
  • Spend and utilization insights
  • Centralized view of your vendor and travel spend, contracts, and documents
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Material Savings to Impact the Bottomline

Leading firms are turning to procurement-as-a-service for more than just cost savings

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Product expertise & curation

Our team of domain experts leverage deep industry knowledge to curate the best products, helping you select the right products and vendors for your needs.

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Group purchasing & preferred terms

We provide access to purchasing power and negotiating expertise typically only available to the largest firms, helping our customers to get the best products at the best price and terms.

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Administrative efficiency & spend intelligence

Powered through our Concertiv360 platform, we take the administrative burden of license, invoice and vendor management off your plate while providing portfolio insights to reduce contractual risk and optimize spend.


Concertiv’s Methodology to Driving Year-over-Year Savings & Efficiency


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Concertiv Purchasing Solutions

Concertiv’s Purchasing Solutions provide mid-market firms access to product expertise and preferred terms typically only available to the largest firms. We leverage our market intelligence, group purchasing power, and expansive vendor network to help mid-market firms obtain the best products at the best prices and terms.

Concertiv Managed Services

Concertiv's Managed Services remove the administrative burden associated with managing a portfolio of vendors. Our procurement team does the work your team does not have the time or expertise to do to help your firm maximize efficiency with a centralized vendor management team.

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Concertiv Insights

Concertiv Insights arms your team with the intelligence and insights your firm needs to make the best decisions. We provide peer benchmarking, vendor landscapes, portfolio recommendations, spend intelligence, and budget forecasts to help inform business decisions and minimize risk.


Concertiv 360™ is the procurement platform built for the mid-market. It centralizes your vendor management giving you a 360-degree view of all vendors, contracts, spend, and utilization while providing detailed reports and analytics to ensure you have complete visibility of all your vendors and contracts.

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Experts in Spend Categories Most Relevant to Your Business

Procurement solutions to maximize efficiency and optimize spend

Procurement-as-a-Service Takes Center Stage in Private Equity

Learn how private equity firms are reducing spend and boosting back-office efficiency with outsourced procurement.  


CFO insights for boosting efficiency and reducing costs

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Our Customers Say it Best

"We went into this thinking, ‘Oh, these are people who do procurement and negotiation day in and day out, so they’ll be able to save us a little bit of money.’ But it’s really been much more than that… they’ve had a huge impact in helping us understand what we’ve bought and how we’re utilizing it."

Jamie Davis

Chief Financial Officer

"Several of us asked Concertiv to build a custom GPO that would meet the needs of investment banks and other professional services firms. We save millions of dollars every year through the GPO, have access to best-of-breed benchmarking, and most importantly have operational advisory assistance from an extraordinarily capable team of professionals that heretofore did not exist – Concertiv is the right hand that every COO and CFO needs."

Hal Rodriquez

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

“Concertiv has reduced our spend in a meaningful way and has provided tangible value-add by taking over much of the heavy lifting related to vendor management, including vendor selection, contract renewals and user entitlements.”

Elliot Attie

Partner and Chief Financial Officer