Category Expertise

Trusted to know the supply landscape, understand all costs, and to have the relationships to get things done

Core-competency matters

Concertiv brings a team of dedicated people that know the nuances and complications of the suppliers and vendors they cover. Each team remains focused, narrow, and deep in the unique categories used by our clients.

The right advice

There are many new vendors available and even more options within each supplier and vendor. Knowing how to sort through and find the right providers takes time and experience. Management teams can rely on this depth of knowledge to feel certain with making decisions with long-term impact for the business.

Hedge Fund Operating Support

Business Intelligence

Dedicated to the success of the buyer/seller relationship, Concertiv achieves a unique 2-way stream of information that helps both sides win. When the deal is done, we take that data and publish board-ready dashboards so that management is confident in where the business is investing in it's business.

Strength in Numbers

Using the natural collection of knowledge, interactions, and year-over-year spend amounts Concertiv brings un-matched buying power and leverage to its base. Together, everyone wins in the only way that works for each individual firm.

Categories We Address

Concertiv works with vendor categories that are opaque, expensive, and hard to deal with. To excel in these area's the spend consulting team at Concertiv develops deep product knowledge and expertise in their respective category.

Market Data

Get best-in-class information subscriptions for the lowest prices every year. Each client gets a dedicated specialist for their portfolio.

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Reduce your capex on your major tech infrastructure licensing needs. We tailor our decision support unique to the needs of each client.

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Enjoy best-in-class discountson last-minute, first-class flights, 5-star hotels, and top black car brands while maintaining loyalty perks.

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Optimize spend on Benefits and Insurance throughselect program offerings efficiently tailored to the unique objectives andrisks of each client.

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