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Concertiv Insurance

  • We are our clients' Risk Advocates
  • We guide our clients at each stage of risk
  • We provide an unbiased and unencumbered view of the insurance marketplace
  • We go beyond recommending insurance and conducting risk analytics; we execute

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Concertiv is selective about choosing the broadest array of insurance companies needed to meet the unique and specific insurance needs of professional services firms.

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Benefit Providers

Benefits is a sensitive topic within a business. That's why Concertiv works with some of the best benefit providers focused on the unique needs of high-end professional services firms.

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Insurance Managed Services

Concertiv Insurance Managed Services assist a client to develop focused, comprehensive, and strategic insurance risk management and benefit programs.

Concertiv Managed Services include, but are not limited to

  • Risk & Healthcare Management Assessments and Due Diligence
  • Insurance and Benefit Spend Assessments
  • Insurance, Insurance Brokerage, PEO Tender, Proposal Review, and Placement
  • Claims Management
  • Insurance Compliance Management Services

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Insurance Support

With the support of Concertiv, professional services firms get

  • Anonymous insight and comparisons to peer programs, processes and structures
  • Unbiased market intelligence to ensure optimal decision making

With leveraging Concertiv insurance support, clients are enabled to

  • Improve Insurance and Benefits Coverage
  • Control their overall insurance spend

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Recent Outcomes

Boutique Investment Bank: Reduced YoY Benefit Spend by $132K while improving benefits and service quality

Private Equity Firm: reduced workers comp premium by 38% through a unique dividend program

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Concertiv has dedicated insurance experts supporting you through procuring the right coverages at the right price. To set a time to review the insurance needs unique to your firm, schedule it here.

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