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Get the right products, for the right price. Manage your market data and expert networks with cost transparency.

Is your Market Data spend a black box?

Is your firm struggling with the rising costs and lack of transparency managing your market data and expert networks? Concertiv’s market intelligence and client advocates ensure you are paying the right price for your firms size and needs.

The market data vendors you already work with

Our team of experts works with over 450 vendors in the data and research space helping firms like yours manage your existing suite of products and decide on which products to buy.

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Desktop Vendors

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Expert Network Providers

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Industry Specific Market Data

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News Sources for Market Data

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What pain-points do you face? We’re here to help!

If you are struggling with a complex renewal negotiation, aiming to outsource operationally taxing administrative tasks, such as invoice reconciliation, or you are currently vetting a list of potential vendors for a project, but do not have the time, find out how are team of experts can help you save time & money, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Recent Market Data Negotiations

From understanding the right price for CapIQ contracts to knowing how to negotiate a Pitchbook contract, our Market Team has day-to-day vendor interactions unlike any provider.

Private Equity Firm - reduced desktop market data service expense by 70%+

Investment Bank
- reduced total market data portfolio expense by 10% Y-O-Y

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Our Results


Market Data contracts negotiated by the Concertiv team since 2016


Total contract value negotiated by Concertiv on behalf of its customers


Total negotiation savings for private equity, hedge funds, and investment banks


Total net discount achieved by Concertiv on behalf of financial services firms

What our customers are saying

“Thanks for the help on our recent desktop platform renewal. Our CEO was very happy when I shared our new pricing” - COO - Private Equity Firm

"Thank you for these documents, which are really useful, especially as we will start thinking about our business planning and budget in Q4. We really appreciate and value your work and support – thank you (and well done for the excellent negotiation outcomes over the past year!)" - Senior Manager, Financial Markets Research - Global Investment Manager

Thank you very much for sending over the portfolio overview – perfect, as always! - Sr. Business Systems Analyst - Global Private Equity Firm

Going above and beyond as always with our renewals – thank you!! - CCO - US Private Equity Firm

It's easy to get started

At Concertiv we give you access to a dedicated expert in the Market Data, Information Services, and Expert Network industries. They are your guide with vendor renewals, negotiations, sourcing, and management.

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1: Housekeeping

We gather your contract documents, invoices, and procurement data in any format. Then, we work with your suppliers, vendors, and internal teams to get contracts in order.

2: Abstraction & Scoring

We abstract and score commercial and legal terms.

3: Contracting

We manage the negotiation process with suppliers, allowing your teams to choose to attend meetings or focus on other matters.

4: Advisory

We proactively advise on upcoming renewals, product fit, industry best practices and negotiating approach.

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