Optimize your tech stack and spend in the right areas to support the growth of your business

Technology Procurement made easy

Your dedicated team from Concertiv will help streamline all of your IT vendor contracts, negotiate upcoming renewals, and provide ongoing day-to-day support with your key technology suppliers.

We work with over 500 vendors in the technology space helping firms like yours manage your existing suite of products and decide on which products to buy.

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Managed Service Providers

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Circuits & Data Centers

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Recent Technology Outcomes

Private Equity Firm: negotiated 20% discount from industry leading service provider through review of competitive landscape

Investment Banking: compiled comprehensive Technology spend benchmarking across select IB customers; provided actionable insights to peer CTOs to facilitate budgeting decisions

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Get an edge in Vendor Negotiations

Industry expertise and market insights facilitate a successful contract negotiation. The outcome is that our clients always get the best technology products at the best price. Concertiv Network Power brings clear intelligence into provisioned users and trends to support negotiating leverage. Have constant visibility into product demand from tracking and managing end user requests.

Organized Contract Management

Concertiv provides realtime insights into renewals, cancellations, and licensing details. As an organized, one-stop-shop, Concertiv gets you seamless access to contract terms, spend, and reporting. All of which helps bring increased visibility into contract risk and compliance.

Implementation is easy

Steps to take to get a handle on your technology spend

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1: Housekeeping

We gather your contract documents, invoices, and procurement data in any format. Then, we work with your suppliers, vendors, and internal teams to get contracts in order.

2: Abstraction & Scoring

We abstract and score commercial and legal terms.

3: Contracting

We manage the negotiation process with suppliers, allowing your teams to choose to attend meetings or focus on other matters.

4: Advisory

We proactively advise on upcoming renewals, product fit, industry best practices and negotiating approach.

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