ECI and Concertiv discuss IT Budgeting and Planning

February 1, 2023

Listen to hear how seasoned industry technologists develop roadmaps and budgets for IT initiatives, bringing together budget development best practices, personal tips and tricks, and key considerations for mapping out your technology strategy in 2021.

Points of Discussion:

  • Building consensus on the IT budget across Technology, Finance, and Management
  • Budgeting approaches for maintenance, investment, and downside cases
  • Methodologies for smart forecasting of vendor costs & cash flow  
  • Reporting on performance vs. budget over time


  • Rich Itri, SVP, Professional Services, Eze Castle Integration
  • Josh Webman, COO & Co-President, Concertiv


  • John Brennan, Chief Strategy Officer, Eze Castle Integration

To view the recording, click here

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