Maximizing Hedge Fund Market Data Operations: The Power of Expert Managed Services

May 2, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Hedge funds face significant data management challenges due to resourcing challenges, lack of a centralized vendor management function, and complexities in vendor management.
  • Concertiv offers expert-managed services and deep industry knowledge, relieving operational burdens and ensuring compliance in data management.
  • The Concertiv360 Platform centralizes data management, offering hedge funds unparalleled visibility and efficiency in handling subscriptions and expenditures.
  • Concertiv's solutions enable improved strategic decision-making, operational efficiencies, financial savings, and expertise with DDQ and alternative tools, helping position hedge funds for sustainable growth.


In an industry defined by the need for precision, agility, and deep strategic insight, hedge funds continually strive to optimize their pivotal operational asset: data. Managing market data and diverse data sources grows increasingly complex, risky, and costly, especially as the demand for sophisticated analytical capabilities intensifies. This intricate landscape presents hedge funds with the dual challenge of securing the right data and ensuring it is leveraged efficiently and compliantly.

Herein lies the unique value proposition of Concertiv. Concertiv empowers hedge funds to navigate these complexities with its proven managed services and a centralized platform. Focusing on optimizing data portfolios based on specific use cases, Concertiv ensures that clients pay only once for the data they need while rigorously adhering to compliance and data restrictions. This strategic approach allows hedge funds to refine their data management practices, ensuring they are both cost-effective and compliant with the intricate web of industry regulations.

The Challenges of Data

Data stands as the cornerstone of decision-making and strategic investment for hedge funds, embodying the essence of competitive prowess. However, the landscape of data management is fraught with complexity, demanding a meticulous approach to selecting and applying data sources. Hedge funds must navigate a labyrinth of critical decisions concerning the nature and scope of their data: determining the use of real-time versus delayed data, display versus derived data, and identifying the appropriate delivery and billing vendors.

This intricate decision-making process is further complicated by the substantial risks associated with mismanagement. Incorrect or inefficient data sourcing can lead to duplicative expenses for the same datasets, exposing funds to the peril of audits and hefty fines for non-compliant usage. Moreover, the expertise and time investment required to manage these elements adeptly underscores the challenges hedge funds face in securing and maintaining their data assets effectively. Common problems include:

Audit Risk: For Hedge Funds, non-compliance with data restrictions and inaccurate reporting poses significant risks. Should exchanges or vendors conduct an audit and uncover discrepancies, the consequences can be severe, with the potential for back fees and fines reaching into the six figures. As exchange policies and vendor contracts grow increasingly complex, the likelihood of audits escalates, compounding the challenge for Hedge Funds to maintain accurate and compliant records. This elevates the importance of meticulous data management and reporting to safeguard against costly audits that can delve into years of historical data.

Insight and Benchmarking Challenges: Hedge Funds often face difficulties when navigating unique or complex situations due to a lack of visibility into the strategies and best practices employed by their peers. In an industry characterized by its rapidly evolving landscape and inherent unpredictability, the absence of shared insights can leave firms operating in a vacuum, uncertain of the most strategic moves to make. 

Challenges in New Data Sourcing: Hedge funds continuously push the envelope by incorporating innovative data sources to stay ahead. The core challenge isn't merely managing an influx of data vendors but the pivotal need to swiftly activate new datasets in a way that aligns with compliance requirements. Discussions reveal a critical process that many fail to execute correctly, highlighting the importance of reducing time to market while ensuring that the data's application remains compliant with its intended use. 

Insufficient Administrative Capacity: Market data subscription management is often relegated to a single stakeholder within a hedge fund. This approach is inadequate, given the complex operational demands of contract management, monitoring, and reporting the status of various data sources. Proper back-office management includes product and trial curation, diligence, entitlements management, disclosures, invoice management, and renewals while communicating with the front office to ensure the data being sourced maximizes alpha.

Absence of a Purpose-Built Management System: Without a centralized vendor management platform, hedge funds can struggle to have access to a single source of truth for managing their data vendors and contracts. With a purpose-built solution to manage various data contract details, hedge funds get full visibility into contract details and statuses with automated workflows that optimize spending and usage while minimizing contractual risks, penalties, and potential data stoppages.

How Concertiv Helps Hedge Funds with Data Management

Concertiv tailors its data management solutions to the unique needs of Hedge Funds, recognizing the proprietary nature of their data. Our approach is flexible, offering a hybrid model that ranges from comprehensive optimization of the entire market data portfolio—including both business and vendor management—to targeted support for specific segments and vendors. This adaptability ensures that Hedge Funds can maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks at any scale, backed by our technology, expertise, and services.

Product Expertise: Concertiv stands at the forefront of the market data ecosystem, leveraging its comprehensive understanding to navigate the complexities of data procurement and management. With a track record of servicing over 75 buy-side firms, each with unique data requirements, Concertiv's proficiency ensures that hedge funds can access optimal data sources in a compliant and efficient manner. This expertise is critical in navigating the vast data landscape, ensuring compliance, and avoiding costly audits through meticulous tracking and management.

Concertiv360 Platform: At the heart of Concertiv's solution is the Concertiv360 Platform, a centralized vendor and contract management system designed specifically for hedge funds that may lack robust software solutions for data oversight. By aggregating all data contract details into a single, intuitive platform, hedge funds gain unprecedented visibility into renewals, licenses, entitlements, and expenditures. This consolidation is instrumental in streamlining operations, enhancing transparency, and facilitating strategic data management and procurement decision-making.

Managed Services: Recognizing the limitations in back-office resources prevalent among hedge funds, Concertiv extends a suite of managed services anchored by a seasoned team of professionals. This team has years of experience managing diverse vendor relationships, covering invoice management, user and entitlement oversight, declarations, procurement requests, renewals, and vendor due diligence. This comprehensive support structure is designed to relieve the operational pressures on hedge funds. It enables them to focus on their core competencies while ensuring that their data management practices adhere to the industry's best standards.

Through its procurement-as-a-service model, Concertiv addresses the immediate challenges of market data management and equips hedge funds with the tools and expertise needed for sustainable growth and enhanced strategic decision-making. The tangible outcomes—from improved management and strategic negotiations, in-depth managed services that reduce administrative burdens, to substantial financial savings—testify to Concertiv's value to its clients. As hedge funds navigate the complexities of today's financial markets, Concertiv's tailored approach ensures they remain at the forefront of efficiency, compliance, and innovation, solidifying their competitive edge in a data-driven world.

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