Navigating Spend Management: A Fireside Chat with Priya Iyer & Britt Tunick

November 16, 2023

Navigating Spend Management as We Prepare for 2024…

The rising cost of capital and economic uncertainty are reshaping spending strategies for many mid-market firms. As we prepare for 2024, scrutinizing and adapting spend strategies has never been more critical.

In this fireside chat, Concertiv CEO Priya Iyer and Financial Journalist Britt Erica Tunick share insights and best practices that leading mid-market firms are leveraging as they prepare for 2024.

Discussion topics include:‍

  • Trends in how firms are thinking about spend management
  • The challenges CFOs/COOs are experiencing as they look to simplify cost savings initiatives.
  • Specific spend categories firms are looking at for cost-savings.
  • Cost-savings best practices for firms as they finalize 2024 budgets.  
  • The role outsourced procurement can play in reducing spend, removing back-office challenges, and removing the contractual risk

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