The Advantage of Working with Concertiv to Book Meetings and Events

June 3, 2024

Off-site meetings are essential for mid-market financial services firms, encompassing everything from board and investor meetings to portfolio company gatherings and internship programs. The challenge lies in sourcing the right venues and ensuring that spending remains controlled, ensuring prudent and beneficial investments.

At Concertiv, we harness our extensive network and deep industry expertise to help you effectively source, negotiate, and manage your off-site meetings. Our dedicated team ensures every aspect of your event planning and execution is cost-effective and delivers exceptional value and efficiency. Join the numerous satisfied clients who rely on Concertiv to enhance their event experiences while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Here's how we do it:
We provide expert advice on destinations and venues based on program requirements

When you choose Concertiv for your meeting and event bookings, you're not just hiring a service; you're gaining a dedicated partner in planning. Concertiv’s team specializes in bookings and negotiations for numerous companies, granting them unparalleled insights into the latest and most suitable destinations tailored to your specific needs. Their deep-rooted connections with a vast network of venues nationwide ensure that you receive expert advice, competitive rates, and venues that resonate perfectly with your program's requirements. This makes Concertiv an invaluable asset in orchestrating events that are not only successful but also memorable.

“Not only has (Concertiv) got us good deals and negotiated the contracts for us, but I find that when I go through Concertiv, and they reach out to the different properties for quotes, they respond a lot faster than they respond to me. And they can pull together quotes from a dozen venues in half the time it takes me.”
Concertiv Client
We support rooming list management, transportation & invoice reconciliation

Concertiv elevates your event planning experience by streamlining critical logistics beyond mere venue booking. With Concertiv, you receive comprehensive support, which includes meticulous management of rooming lists, coordination of transportation logistics, and diligent invoice reconciliation. This integrated approach guarantees the best prices and a seamless execution. The Concertiv team vigilantly monitors each detail to ensure that every aspect of your event aligns with your expectations and budget. This hands-on support frees you to focus on the broader vision of your event, confident in the knowledge that the logistical details are expertly handled.

“Meetings & Events has been indispensable as far as Concertiv services.”
Concertiv Client
We secure valuable concessions such as upgrades, complimentary rooms, and fee waivers

Concertiv's robust negotiation skills offer more than just exceptional venues and services; they deliver substantial cost-saving opportunities that directly benefit your bottom line. Our daily interactions with vendors, as opposed to the occasional booking typical of many organizations, allow us to cultivate strong, strategic relationships. This continuous engagement has significant advantages for our clients, including complimentary room upgrades, fee waivers, and other valuable concessions. With Concertiv, you gain access to a level of service and savings that can transform your events' quality and financial efficiency, ensuring you receive the best possible value every time.

“They do a really good job negotiating rates…”
Concertiv Client

Typical Savings Per Event

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