Concertiv Solutions Webinar: Driving Business & Transaction Insurance

February 1, 2023

Event Summary

Managing your Business and Transactional Insurance spend for your firm and your portfolio companies can be challenging. Learning how to make it easier? That should be fast and painless!

Join us for a 30-minute discussion with our Insurance Team leader, Jeff Sharer, for an inside look at how Concertiv helps investment firms to understand, optimize, and save on their and their affiliate overall Business and Transactional Insurance costs. Register here.

What you'll learn

Major Business and Transactional Insurance matters: How data and analytics can drive  peace of mind and financial health.

Impacts Driving Decisions: What drives your Business Insurance costs and how to  leverage your buying power to drive lower costs.

Analytics: How Concertiv’s analytic solutions help ensure you reduce Business and Transactional Insurance spend and only pay market-driven rates.

Reporting & Analytics: Key reports that provide maximum transparency across your business and transactional insurance spend, as well as analytics to analyze performance and user experience.

Watch the video replay below!

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