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Ready to learn why leading mid-market financial services firms rely on Concertiv's outsourced procurement services to save time and money? Let's find a time to talk.

Featured Case Study

Learn how a global investment advisor implemented Concertiv's Procurement-as-a-Service to reduce spend, optimize the procurement process, and save valuable time.


Global Investment Advisor Centralizes Procurement Strategy:
Saves $800K in Just Three Years

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Our Customers Say it Best

"We went into this thinking, ‘Oh, these are people who do procurement and negotiation day in and day out, so they’ll be able to save us a little bit of money.’ But it’s really been much more than that… they’ve had a huge impact in helping us understand what we’ve bought and how we’re utilizing it."

Jamie Davis

Chief Financial Officer

“Concertiv has reduced our spend in a meaningful way and has provided tangible value-add by taking over much of the heavy lifting related to vendor management, including vendor selection, contract renewals and user entitlements.”

Elliot Attie

Partner and Chief Financial Officer

"Several of us asked Concertiv to build a custom GPO that would meet the needs of investment banks and other professional services firms. We save millions of dollars every year through the GPO, have access to best-of-breed benchmarking, and most importantly have operational advisory assistance from an extraordinarily capable team of professionals that heretofore did not exist – Concertiv is the right hand that every COO and CFO needs."

Hal Rodriquez

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer